Rock-Shaped Cushions

Nowadays is very common see people trying to introduce a bit of nature in their daily lives. From real plants and materials to nature inspired furniture, the idea of have a bit of nature at home has never been so trendy. However, bring nature to our home was never so comfortable. This series of rock-shaped cushionswas designed by the Design Smarin groupto bring style, fun and comfort to your home!

Rock shaped cushion

The oversized pebbles are incredibly similar to a real rock and despite the appearance they are really soft and comfortable! The cushions can come in different sizes, shapes and colors and you can arrange them according to your preference since each piece of stone has a different (and curious) name. However, deciding where are you going to place your cushions before buying it´s really important since they offer them in two different materials, one for indoor places (made of pure wool) and one for outdoor exteriors (made of neoprene). The price can varies between € 65 and € 350 it depends on the size of thecushion!

Rock Shaped Cushions 2

If you fell in love for this amazing cushions and wants to know more about them you can give a look at the Smarin website (

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