Garden Ideas

A garden is like a sanctuary, a place for you to relax, stay in contact with nature and appreciate the simple and good things of life. If you have a piece of garden in your house and want to transform it in a magical and beautiful place like the ones you usually see on TV, we are going to help you showing some simple and creative ideasto do that. It doesn’t matter age or style, after this post your garden will be the favorite place in your house for everybody.


The most important thing in a garden is, with no doubt, the flowers! They must be beautiful and well cared to create and harmonious and colorful environment. Try to choose the most durable ones and suitable to the weather you live in. Plant them in huge vases or even in a corner of the garden. This will give it lovely and charming look.

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Vintage Birds’ Cage

Perfect to the ones who want a garden from a fairy tale story! Of course we don´t want birds locked in the cage. We will only use it as a place for climbing plants spread themselves. You can also place some birds’ food and attract some small friends for some time.

Seven ideas for a magical garden

Stone Paths

If you have a huge garden, the best way of walking through it is on stone paths. Apart from letting the place charming they also avoid the mess in rainy days conserving your garden clean and tidy. You can choose the size and shape of the paths according to your taste but it is important to fill the gaps between them with gravels or grass to make it more beautiful.

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What is the point of having a beautiful garden if you don´t have a seat to appreciate it? Benches are perfect for gardens due their materials and durability. They can be simple, made of wood or concrete, but they will surely be really useful for you and your family. Place the bench in a special corner and take a book to read or just enjoy the garden! You will be relaxed after some minutes!

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These elements are perfect to decorate and fill small places in your garden. You can use natural stones or painted ones to trace some limits in your garden or just to give some color when the flowers are not in their best!

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It doesn´t matter your age, a garden is not a garden without a swing! You can have an elegant one or only a tire tied on a rope, what matters is the effect that this simple element gives to a garden! Hang your swing in a beautiful tree and relax under its shadow!

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Not a cheap element but worth it, statues can give a magical look to your garden! Fairies, angels, dwarfs and animals can be used to decorate a piece of your garden together with the other elements. Choose your favorite ones and transform your garden in a fairy tale!

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