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Christmas Tree If you are looking for some creative but simple dishes to serve your guests in the Christmas meals you will love this post! We selected some easy food ideas using as inspiration one of the most important symbols

Christmas Ornaments It´s Christmas time and you are looking for something different to decorate your house but at same time you are short of money? Don´t worry! We selected some creative and cheap ideas for you to transform your old

Sliced Baked Potatoes Looking for something simple and easy to prepare but still delicious? We are going to present you a recipe that will let all of your family and guests mouth watering! Sliced baked potato! Actually, this recipe doesn’t

DIY Rainbow Roses The rainbow rose is a rose which has its petals colored artificially using food coloring. Very beautiful and unique these roses are not so common to find despite being really simple to make. In this post we

Bathroom Ideas Towels, cosmetics, toiletries…. So many things we have to store in our bathroom but most of the times not enough space to do that! If you are trying to organize your bathroom but have no idea of what

Christmas Ornaments Christmas time is always beautiful and creative with lots of different ideas to decorate your house using the most different materials and objects. One of these ideas is becoming more and more famous between Christmas lovers nowadays: the

Crayola Crayons Symbol of most people childhood, Crayola crayons are used for children all around the world in their art projects at school. However, we are going to show you a new use for these colorful sticks that will enchant

DIY Snowman Christmas is coming and if you are looking for something different and easy to decorate your home here is what you need: Plastic cups snowman! Apart from being creative and cheap this project is really easy to do

Hair Pins Among all hair accessories, hair pins are the most famous ones. Although they are very antique accessories they are always trendy and used for women in all ages. They are essential when we want to make a nice

DIY Pull Tabs One of the most popular objects used in DIY project nowadays is the soda pull tabs. Each day, more and more ideas with this common and practically free material are showing up on internet teaching us how

Ladybug Ideas! Cute and beloved little animals, ladybugs are welcome in any place and moment. From real ones flying in our garden to decrative ones inside home, they bring a colorful and fun look that can enchant kids and adults.

DIY Chocolate Bowls Nowadays, chocolate is one of the favorite delights either for kids or adults. Now imagine serving other tasty desserts as ice creams and fruit salads in bowls made of this incredible ingredient? It is an unique idea

DIY Fruit Popsicles Summer time is there and if you are looking for an easy and delicious way to cool yourself fast you will love this idea: Fruits popsicle! There are lots of ways of making popsicles at home, with

DIY Birds’ House If you live in the countryside or have a big garden with lots of birds why not give some small homes to your little friends? Apart from decorate your garden the birds ‘houses will serve as shelter

Halloween Food Ideas If you are thinking about throwing a Halloween party you have to consider a creative menu that will attract not only the taste of your guests but also their eyes. A nice idea is bringing the theme

DIY Chalkboard Often times we have a variety of old pictures in our home that are collecting dust because we have yet to drop them off at a local charity resale shop. As upcycling has become the new craze. I

Pumpkin Planter While searching some Halloween ideas on internet for another article I came up to this nice pumpkin planter idea and decided to write about it. This idea is perfect to decorate gardens especially if you are going to

HANGING FLOWER POT Here we have one very easy and very pretty garden DIY which needs absolutely no special material. All you want is a unused stainless steel bucket, 2 stainless steel washing line hooks, some paint, paint brush, plywood

Halloween Ideas Looking for nice ideas to decorate your dishes on Halloween? We searched for the best on internet and place all of them together in this post! Decorating drinks and food with simple ingredients can transform your table in

Halloween Balloons If you are going to decorate your house for Halloween, nothing more friendly than using balloons. You can find some type of Halloween ballons with different figures on them like skulls, alien faces, witches , bats and other