Christmas Tree

One of the most important symbols of Christmas, the Christmas tree is something essential in any house. However, some eccentric people are not fond of the ordinary one and prefer something more original and creative. We searched on internet and selected the most unusual ideas that people had to build their Christmas tree in a creative and funny way.

If you like drinking a lotor maybe if you are owner of a pub this idea will fit perfectly for you. Why not having a Christmas tree made entirely of bottles? Beer, wine or champagne…any one will give a nice effect when you turn on the Christmas lights!

Top 8 unusual Christmas tree

Recycling materials is something essential nowadays so, why not using old boxes and cartons to make a nice Christmas tree? Juice and milk cartons or egg boxes colored in green can give a perfect and ecological decoration to any place!

Top 8 unusual Christmas tree (2)

Crazy for books? So create an entire Christmas tree with the ones you have at home! This is also a perfect idea for bookshops, schools and libraries! Inspire people with this magic idea!

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If you are looking for something more natural and rustic you can make your Christmas treewith pieces of wood. Branches and sticks from trees in different sizes can be perfect to do that. Go to your garden and try to find as many as possible!

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Cushions Christmas Tree Ideas

Cozy and comfortable this idea is perfect for people who has small kids at home and don´t want them to get hurt or a broken tree! Make nice covers for different sizes pillow and put them over each other. Brilliant and creative!

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It doesn’t matter if they are made of Lego or soft toys, these Christmas tree have a magic look and can enchant not only kids but also adults! If you want a colorful and funny decoration this year you should try this one!

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Looking for a big tree to decorate your garden? Pick up that old tires stocked in your garage and transform them in a creative and cool Christmas tree! This idea is perfect for car shops and people who love cars!

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If you don’t have a Christmas tree and are short of money to buy one you can try this idea! Use a ladder as the base for lots of Christmas decorations and colorful lights! If you be creative I am sure your tree will be much beautiful than an ordinary one

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