Reusing Idea For Milk Jugs

Nowadays, there are so many ideas on internet teaching people how to reuse things that would go to the bin thatrecycling is something common in most of houses. It is so nice when we can transform something old or useless in a creative and useful object for our daily life because, apart from saving money, we are helping the environment throwing fewer things on garbage.

Following this trend, in this post we are going to show you how to transform those plastic milk or juice jugs into creative containers that can be used for different things in your house, from organizing drawers and small objects to a perfect lunchbox for kids. All you need is a clean milk jug, a pen marker, good scissors and a few minutes of your day.

Transforming Milk Jugs Into Containers 5

Start drawing the format of the container in your milk jug with the pen marker. You will use the whole bottom and the front part of it (as you can see in picture 1). After that use the scissor to carefully cut the jug following the line you draw.

Transforming Milk Jugs Into Containers 4

Make some flaps in the bottom edges of the jug (in the dotted lined as shown in the picture bellow) and fold them to the inside. Close the upper part on the edges to make the cover of your container.

Transforming Milk Jugs Into Containers 3

To keep it closed you can use different strategies: use a ribbon or a rubber band or, if you need something more reliable, you can use an adhesive Velcro dot.

Transforming Milk Jugs Into Containers 2

Now you can use your container in different ways. Organize some craft material, jewelry and even small toys in kids’ room or use it as a lunchbox to keep your snacks and sandwiches fresh and safe.

Transforming Milk Jugs Into Containers 1