DIY Straws Decoration

It’s been some time since straws are being used to other things apart of its normal function. People can use them to create different objectsand ornaments to decorate their house and parties. Made of paper or plastic, they can turn any type of celebration, meeting or even a simple table into a colorful and fun environment. Have a look on the ideas we have selected to inspire you.

Straws Wreath

A wreath of strawis an incredible idea, right? It’s very cheap and easy to do and in the end the effect is really beautiful. You can make one or many of them to decorate your partyand the good thing is that they can be reused in other occasions.


Straws Letters

Using the initial letter of the birthday person or even writing messages as “happy birthday” or “I love you” are nice ideas. But better than this is making the letters using colorful straws! They are perfect for this work since they are easy to cut, light and beautiful.


Straws Place Card Holder

You can create cute place card holdersto your parties using some straws and hot glue. This idea is also good to place photos or small message cards for your guests! I’m sure they will love it!


Straws Garland

Garlands are perfect to any kind of party and their effect is amazing! How about making a different andcreative garland using some colorful straws and rope? You can cut them in the size you want and mix your favorite colors tomake a beautiful garland to decorate your party.


Straws Vase

Cover a box or a plastic container with straws tocreate a nice vase to be used as a centerpiece or decorate the cake table! You can use hot glue or permanent one to fix the straws and finish with a nice ribbon around them.


Straws Ornaments

Make ornaments to be hanged in your parties using straws and lots of creativity. You can make pom-pomsand stars todecorate different placesin different types of celebration and let the place much more beautiful.


Straws Flowers

You can create fake flowers using straws and some pieces of paper. Make lots of them and place in a vase to create a craft centerpiece to decorate your party. In the end, your guests can take them home as a remembrance of the party or use them to drink during it.