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DIY Oreo´s Delights

DIY Oreo’s

It´s almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t like those tasty round black biscuits! Oreo is the world´s best-selling cookie and it is really famous in many places. Its name changes from one place to another but it´s not difficult to identify it since they look same in all countries so, in this post, we are going to use them as inspiration to some tasty and creative DIY ideas. Oreos are really easy to find but if you don’t have them where you live you can substitute by another biscuit of your preference. I am sure this DIY project will let you mouth-watering!

Oreo´s Lollipops

This idea is really simple and perfect for parties where you have kids! You will only need to stick your biscuits in a long pick and cover with your favorite icing: black chocolate, white chocolate, toffee… Use your imagination to create a delicious and colorful lollipop!

Oreo´s lollypops

Oreo´s lollypops

Decorated Oreos

You can make your Oreos tastier and cutter adding some decoration on them. To do this you will need a bit of vanilla cream that will work as glue to the decoration. Use an icing bag to apply the cream all around the biscuit right in the part where the filling is visible. Then pass them with in a bowl full of decorative sprinkles. This will make them more beautiful and delicious!

Decorated Oreos

Decorated Oreos

Oreo´s Sandwich

Can you imagine a sandwich made with Oreos? This delicious idea is really simple and creative.  Apart from the biscuit you will need chocolate candies (round shape) of your preference and melted chocolate. Divide you biscuit in two and place the chocolate candy in the middle as a filling. Then put it in a bowl with melted chocolate and cover your entire “sandwich” with it. Sprinkle some decoration on the top and place it in a flat surface to wait the chocolate gets hard. Now it´s only enjoy this delicious idea!

Oreo´s sandwich

Oreo´s sandwich

Oreo´s Cupcake

 You can use Oreos as a filling for your cupcakes. Put them in your cupcake tray and add the dough on it. You can also use more than one biscuit and other fillers to make it creamier. Bake your cupcakes as normal and help yourself!

Oreo´s cupcake

Oreo´s cupcake

4 Responses to DIY Oreo´s Delights

  1. Audrey long says:

    Love these and definitely know my daughter will

  2. Wowwwww
    Creativity with buscuit

  3. Sharon says:

    Love those cool ideas .!!!

  4. Robert Lemieux says:

    I made some with peanut butter and some with the new Chocolate Philadelphia, both are excellent!

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