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Funny Bar Stools

Creative Bar Stools


Imagine you entering in a fashion bar or in that new restaurant in your city and facing these weird funny bar  stools! Your first thought may will be “I won´t sit on this” but after a while it´s impossible not to want take a funny picture sitting on these funny and creative things!

Funny Bar Stools

Funny Bar Stools

From women legs to animals´ paws these stools are becoming the new trendy in many countries around the world!  Restaurants and pubs owners are using this idea to transform the environment of their shop and clearly they are being successful in it. The stools grab the attention of anyone that pass in front of the place and bring lots of curious people to inside.

Creative Bar Stools

Creative Bar Stools

Leggy stools are the most common ones, specially shaped in sexy women´s legs! But you can also find different ones: horse saddles, motorbikes, animals’ tails, bikini´s butt and even oversized objects. Anything serves as inspiration to these stools which add a great look in the decoration of any bar!

However, if you don´t have a restaurant or a bar and still wants to have these funny stools you can use them to decorate your barbecue area or a room in your house! I´m sure your friends will have lots of fun every time you invite them to visit your home.

Note: We do not sell these bikini bar stools!

11 Responses to Funny Bar Stools

  1. debbie kinsella says:

    hi where do i buy these bar stools im in australia the bikini ones

  2. adminSP says:

    Hİ Dear Debbie.I faced this question a lot and i searched on internet but unfrotunatly i couldnt find any shop or organizations where to buy this stuffs.Maybe you can find some places in Australia where you can ask to make some for you.

  3. Jessi Drivas says:

    Swivel bar stools are a brilliant idea for bar furniture and have many unseen advantages for both business and pleasure. Swivel bar stools are practical because they have excellent manoeuvrability when being sat in, this allows for extra comfort and convenience for those who are sitting in them. When in the bar or restaurant industries, swivel bar stools are usually affixed to the one spot, this facilitates the look of neatness and a well compacted yet spacious seating area. Most significantly swivel bar stools always look very chic and have an air of prestige about them.*

  4. baiju says:

    anybody knows where these things get?

  5. Elaine Bingham says:

    I have tried searching for the bikini bar stools but can't find them anywhere , can anyone please help

  6. les says:

    Did anyone find where to buy these? can’t find on ebay

  7. muy novedoso, esta bueno

  8. Lili Villa says:

    entrenenidisimo ..!

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