Creative Candle Ideas

Useful objects for ages, candles have many different meanings and roles in humans´ lives: religious, mystic, historical, scientific. However, today candles have been used as a decorative object that brings charm and cuddle. Because of this, lots of creative and funny candles have been created to please even the most different tastes and ages! Have a look in these curious and amazing candles that we selected for you and choose your favorite one!

Fried Egg Candles

This different candle designed by Jaehyung Hong looks exactly like a fried egg. Made of yellow paraffin the yolk will melt in the white plate that can be used after as a saucer in the kitchen!

8 creative candles for your home

Hand Gesture Candles

Created by the French group WM, this line of hand shaped candlesare creative and with attitude. Each candle gesture has a different color and it lasts about 3 hours burning. Choose from heavy metal to cross your fingers!

8 creative candles for your home (2)

Rock Candles

Light coming from rocks? Yes! With these rustic and natural candles this is totally possible! These candles work with oil that is placed inside them and are perfect to be used both inside and outside.

8 creative candles for your home (3)

Bravit Candles

Tottaly different from the other ones, the Bravit candle was designed by Christoph Van Bommel to surprise and enchant people. When you light the main wick a single flame starts the journey splitting and taking different wick paths. The candle can lasts up to five hours so it is perfect for a long romantic dinner!

8 creative candles for your home (4)

Spirit Candles

This line of magic candles is charming and magnificent. While the candles are burning down beautiful sculptures will start emerge from inside them creating a mystic atmosphere in the room. The statues are made of brass and each one represents something different: strength, self-expression and companionship.

8 creative candles for your home (5)

Chocolate Candle

It is impossible not have your mouth watering with this candle created by StéphaneBureaux! Made of chocolate the candle start to melt until it turns a sauce for you cupcake! Perfect for a delicious birthday surprise!

8 creative candles for your home (6)

Cactus Candles

Incredibly similar to the real plant these cactus are nothing more than cute candles to light your home! Made of wax (including the soil) they represent different variety of cactus that will decorate your home in a creative way.

8 creative candles for your home (7)

80 Hours Candles

If you are a candle lover you will be impressed with how long these candles can last: 80 hours totally is the time that they can burn! Of course you don´t need to use it at once! The candle will burn about 20 minutes per inch exposed above the clip and once the flame reaches the clip it will extinguished itself. Creative!

8 creative candles for your home (8)