Creative Ideas For Old Jeans

If you get a good look in your closet you will find at least one pair of jeans that you don´t wear for ages or that don´t suits you anymore. So, in this post we are going to give you some useful andcreative ideasof what to do with your old jeans!

Jeans are popular all around the world and it doesn´t matter what kind of style do you like dressing yourself there is always room for a pair of jeans! Basic and timeless they can come in many colors and styles but, what to do with them when they get old and stuck in our closet? Here are some ideas:

Ideas to wear:

You can transform your old pair of jeans in a new and fashionable accessory for you! Asjeansare always basic and trendy you can create pieces to different occasions:

1. Skirts:Cut the legs down the seam through the crotch. Sew the legs together and use the bottoms of the jeans (or another fabric) to complete where needed.

Creative Ideas for jeans to wear :Skirts

2. Bags: Cut off the legs of your pants and sew the bottom. Sew a cloth inside to do the lining. Use a strip from the legs to make the bag strap. Decorate with scarves, tacks, buttons, laces….Be creative!

Creative ideas for jeans to wear: Bags

3. Bracelets: Cut it out about 30 cm from the side seam of your jeans. Thread a wire in the seam and finish the edges. Use nice trinkets to decorate them. You can use a glass to help you give the round shape to your bracelet!

Creative ideas for jeans to wear: Bracelets

Ideas to home:

You can also decorate your home with your old jeans! Use your imagination and creativityto give a new function to them and a new look to your house! Here are some ideas:

Creative ideas for jeans at home: Coaster, cushions, rug

  1. Coaster: Cut the hem from your old jeans very close to the edges. Roll up the hem applying fabric glue until the end. Let it dry on a flat surface. If you want a bigger coaster it´s only bind more than one hem.

2.Cushions: Cut pieces of your jeans and sew them together until you get the size you want. You can use different colors of jeans and the pockets to give a different style to your cushion.

3. Rug:Cut your jeans in strips (lots of them) about 1 inch x 5 inches. Tie the strips in a non-skid rug and it´s done!

Ideas to store:

Tired of losing everything around the house? Feels angry when you don´t find something in your bag or drawer? Here you can find some things made with old jeans that will help you to organize your life (and home!):

Creative ideas for Jeans: Storage pocket, purse, basket

1. Storage pocket: Sew some pockets from different sizes in a piece of jeans fabric, you can arrange them as you like. After it is ready hang it on a wall. You can use it to store some craft material or your make up!

2. Purse:Sew two pockets from same size and style together. Add a zipper on the top of it. Sew a cloth inside to do the lining. You can use it to store money, cellphone and accessories!

3. Baskets: Use the legs of your jeans to make the baskets. Cut it (the length will depends on the size you want the basket) and sew it on the bottom. Chose a nice cloth to do the lining and fold the upper edge out.