Old tires in your gardencan be more than rubbish! Nowadays being environmentally friendly is more than an option, it is an obligation! And to help you in this path we brought some ideas for turningold tires into an useful piece in your garden!

Disposing of old tires is a growing problem in the world. Despite a considerably part of them are being recycled into door mats, balls and shoes soles, there is another big part that is just outside polluting the environment and bringing serious problems to nature.

Fortunately, old tires are really profitableand can be transformed in dozen of things even when we don´t have a special machine, this happens because of their shape and material. The round shape with a hole inside it it´s really good to create decorativeanduseful objectsand the resistant rubber material can endures any type of weather condition.

Creative Decorations For Old Tires

So, here are some tips to transform that old tire in an incredible piece. By the way, if you don´t have any old tire around don´t panic! Many people will be really happy to give you their used old tires that are stuck in their garage or garden for years!

Transforming old tires into garden planters

Easy, simple and charming this is the easiest thing to do with your old tire! You only will need some paint to transform them into a planter for your flowers, plants and vegetables! The first thing to do is remove any dirty and debris from your tire. Wait it dry and spray paint in all sides of the tire with acrylic latex spray. Do this twice or how many times it is necessary to give it a bright nice color. Now it´s just transfer your plant to its new home or to plant some seeds in some fertilized soil.

A playground for kids

Who have never seen a swing made of tire? This is the most traditional use for old tires and it can bring joy and fun to your kids! The swing is a great and simple idea and it´s really simple to do it: just add a rope in a tree,fix it in the tire and it´s done! Your swing is ready to be used!Besides the swing, there are lots of other creative ideas to transform old tires into places to kids play! You can lay some tires in your garden to make some barriers or obstacles or transform them in a tunnel! A wall of tires to kids climb is also possible but requires a bit more of time and effort to do it! Use your imagination andtransform your garden in a paradise to your kids!

Useful daily objects

From places to seat to containers an old tire can be used in many ways. Chairs, beanbags, benches and sofas made of tires are good objects to place in yourterrace or garden as they can endure all weather conditions and bring a nice look to the place! Apart from seats you can also use tires (one on top of other) to create large containers where you can store things as soil, garbage, stones or even your kids toys!