DIY Balloons

When we think about balloons what comes to your mind? Certainly, those party decorations full of big balloons all around the room. However, we found some different, unusual and creative new uses for this simple and colorful object that will impress you. In this post you will learn how to use new and even reuse pooped balloons to create nice accessories for you and decorative objects for your home and parties!

Colorful Glasses with Balloon

You can give a new look to the glasses and jars which you are going to use in a party using balloons. You will let them funnier and even help your guests identify their glasses by the color. You only need to cut the top of you balloon and use the bottom part to “dress” your glasses and jars. If the container is too large you may have to make a small hole in the bottom of the balloon too in order to fit it better.

Creative DIY ideas for balloons, Colorful glasses with balloon

Ice Balloons

One of the problems of throwing a party is all the mess you have to clean after. Especially if your party has those thermic boxes where you keep your drinks cold using ice! After some time the ice start melting and the mess is certainly. Water everywhere, plashes, people stepping on them…. But you can avoid this problem using balloons! It´s only use them to as the ice! Fill some balloons with water (don’t make them too big) and freeze them. After this, place them in your thermic box to cool the drinks. When the ice start melting, the balloon will avoid the water to spill and wet the floor. And you also can put them back in the freezer to become ice again! Endless ice for your party!

Creative DIY ideas for balloons, ice balloons

Decorating Vases

You can create a lovely vase for your flower using a simple glass and balloons.Choose the color you will want to use and cut the top of the balloon (that part where you put your mouth to blow). Then cover the entire glass with the balloon letting the hole facing the top. It´s done! A nice small vase for you put the single flower that you always receive from your kids or students! And you can make as many you want since they give a nice look to the decoration of a room.

DIY ideas for balloons, decorating vases

Balloon Bracelets

Yes! You can makefunny and colorful bracelets to your kids and even to yourself using balloons. For this project you will need that narrow and long balloons cut in pieces or only the top part of the common ones. Mix the colors you want to have in your bracelet and start to put the pieces in a elastic or rubber band. Put as many pieces you can to make it full and colorful! I am sure your kids will love this cheap and simple idea!

DIY ideas for balloons, balloon bracelets

Balloon Wreath

You can create a beautiful and colorful wreath to your party using balloons. You will only need a Styrofoam wreath, lots of balloons in your favorite color and pins. Start to pint the balloons on the wreath, do not worry about where to place them, pin the balloons randomly to give a cool effect. More balloons you put nicer it will be in the end. Now it´s only hang your wreath in a door and wait for the compliments.

DIY ideas for balloons, balloon wreath

Flip-Flops with Balloons

Maybe the most different project, this idea is really nice and simple. Decorating flip-flops with balloons are a good idea to make money or even to gift someone you like. As with the bracelets idea you will need that narrow and long balloons cut in pieces or only the top part of the common ones. Tie the balloons in the flip-flop stripes until you cover them entirely. This idea is nice because you can wash your flip-flops without harming them and if one or other balloon piece breaks you can easily replace it by another one!

DIY ideas for balloons, flip-flops with balloons