Customize Your Converse

One of the most well-known brands of sneakers, Converse is sold all around the world and it is a common piece in the closet of people from all ages. Comfortable, fashion and durable they can be found in many colors and styles satisfying even the oddesttastes. However, if you didn´t find your perfect Converse yet or if you are tired of your old ones we will give you some DIY ideas to customize them in a creative and cheap way.

Luckily, the traditional Converse sneakers are made of a kind of fabric easy to be customized! You will only need some cheap materials, patience and creativity to transform them in a cool and exclusive piece in your closet. Here are some cool ideas to inspire you:

Applying Rivets

These small rivets will give a new look to your Converse. You can use only a few or lots of them to decorate your sneakers and bring a metal style to your outfit. There are many types of rivets in different shapes and colors, just buy your favorite ones and have fun decorating your Converse.

Diy Converse applying rivets

Applying Glitter

If you like to call attention and to be seen this option will help you a lot! How about covering you Converse with glitter and shine in all places? You will only need a special glue for clothes and lots of glitter. Chose the color you want to use, apply glue with a brush in your sneakers and pour glitter on it. It´s nice do it by parts not to mess everything up and it is important to let it dry well. After this it is only wear and shine!

Diy Converse applying glitter

Changing The Shoelaces

If you don´t want to radicalize but still want different sneakers, you can do a small change in your Converse changing the shoelaces for ones made with different materials and colors. You can use satin tape, lace or any other thing you can use as a shoelace. You can also dye them in a different color or apply glitter to make them livelier.

Diy Convers Changing the shoelaces


This idea is for the ones who have good artistic skills. If you are good at drawing or painting you can use your Converse as a canvas for your creations. Use special pens and paints for clothes and use your creativity and imagination! However, use a pencil first to draft what you want or you can finish with an undesirable pair of Converse in your closet!

Diy Convers by painting