DIY Garden Ideas

Having a green area to plant your vegetables and flowers at home is something that not everybody can have. Nowadays popular houses are smaller than it used to be and gardensare disappearing in most of them. There are also the ones who live in flats and apartments where it is almost impossible to plant something due to the lack of green spaces. In this post we are going to give you some ideas that will help you to create anice and cheap planter even for the smallest spaces.

Vertical planters are the best option for small areas and they can be easily done with some recyclables and cheap materials! Here we have some creative and simple DIY projects to make your own garden…. After this article you will only need a wall to fix the planters and some knowledge about gardening!

Shoes Organizer

Perfect to plant many kinds of herbs and vegetables you can use each pouch of the shoes organizer for a different plant. You will only need to make some small holes in the bottom of each pouch for the drainage and pot your favorite plants inside them! Now it´s only hang your vertical garden in a wall where it can receive sunlight and fresh air. Simple, perfect and cheap!Also you can use yourold shoes to DIY your garden.

Simple planter ideas for small gardens shoes organizers


You can use PVC pipes to create a nice vertical planter to your home! You will only need to make some holes in it and fix it in a wall (you can also bury the bottom part in a small vase to keep it stand). Close the hole in the bottom of the pipe with a cloth (it will make the drainage process easier), fill your pipe with soil and add the plants through the holes. This idea is not suitable for all plants, some nice ones to use are the ones with small leaves and flowers or the ones that like to grow between things as climbing plants.

Simple planter ideas for small gardens tubes


Long and narrow, gutters are perfect planters for small spaces. You can fix some of them in a wall or hang them together with a chain to create useful planters for your home. They are perfect to plant vegetables as lettuce and rocket and small flowers as violets and jasmine. You can also use PVC pipes cut in the middle to create this same idea instead of using gutters.

Simple planter ideas for small gardens gutters


Not so simple as the previous ideas, pallets can also been used as vertical planters but they require a bit more of work. First you need to pin the back of the wooden palletwith a thin wood of the same size. Then you have to cover this same part with a plastic (you can use a staple) and cover again with a piece of cloth (this one for esthetical reasons). The plastic won’t let the water and the soil pass through your planter avoiding the dirt to come out. Now, with your pallet lied on the floor start adding the soil and the plants to it (you must cover all the spaces with plants or when you put it up the soil will come out from the holes). Now it´s only find a nice corner for your new planter!

Simple planter ideas for small gardens pallets

Plastic Bottles

The easiest and simple idea to create a planter is definitely this one. You will only need some plastic bottles and a scissor to cut it as you wish (in the pictures you can see some nice ways of cutting). Fill the bottle with soil and it is ready to receive your plant! You can fix lots of them in a wall and give a nice look to your home!

Simple planter ideas for small gardens plastic bottles