Packing With Recyclable Materials

Recyclingis one of the most used words nowadays. People are becoming more concerned about environmental issues and there are always new ideas and projects teaching us how to reuse objects, transforming them in something beautiful and useful. To follow the trend, we are going to show you some nice and creative ideas to reuse some common materials in charming containers to store some gifts and presents.

Toilet Paper Rolls

Perfect to use as a gift box,toilet paper rolls are easy to get and simple to transform. You can use them in the original way or cover with a beautiful paper or your favorite color paint. To transform it in a box you only need to both edges to inside. Use a nice ribbon to give a romantic look and its done! Perfect to store candies in children’s parties or a small present.

Packing With Recyclable Materials

Plastic Bottles Boxes

Resistant and useful plastic bottles are a good option to be transformed in a packaging. To make a small box of them you will need to cut them in the middles as it is shown in the picture bellow. Cut the edges and fold them to inside to close your box. You can use some paint to give a color to them and a big ribbon to finish it. Perfect to store small things or to be used as gift packaging.

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Plastic Bottles as Baskets

You can also use plastic bottlesto make baskets. Much simpler than the previous project you will only have to cut them in the length you need and decorate with paper, ribbons and paint. This idea is good to store bigger things or to be used as a decoration in a party.

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Pringles Cans

Long and narrow you canreusePringles cans to store some homemade cookies and biscuits and give them as a gift for your friends and relatives. Make sure your can is clean and glue a beautiful paper in the outside part. Decorate with ribbons and stickers and fill the cam with a delicious tidbit. This idea is also good tostore pens, pencils or small things as Legos pieces or hair accessories.

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Vegetable Plastic Boxes

Do you know that plastic boxes that they store strawberries, grapes, tomatoes and others vegetables? You can reuse them as a gift box! Use your creativity andmake a nice decoration. You can paint it, fill it with cut paper, make a card in the upper part or put a nice ribbon on it. Use your imagination and impress your friends not only with the inside gift but with the outside too.

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