Clothespin Planters

In this post we are going to show youhow to make planters from simple and cheap clothespins! This is a charming, easy and also simple DIY project that anyone can do it at home.Maybe this will be a good project for kids to have a fun weekend at home and it isn´t dangerous for them, just let them help you.

Planters from Clothespins 3

To start with, you won’t need any expensive or complex materials.All you need is only some wooden clothespins and a tuna can that you can find easily in any supermarket.As you see from the pictures, everything is clear it is unnecessary to talk about instructions but I can give you some tips about decoration.

Planters from Clothespins 1

Before starting to attach theclothespins on tuna can, you may paint in anattractive color that will go together with decoration of your house or the place you will put the planter on.Similarly you may paint clothespins before using them. Maybe you can let kids paint them for you!

On the other hand, while you are placing the clothespins, kids can make some nice figures cutting colorful papers and attach them on clothespins to have a better decoration.

The best part of this DIY Projectis that kids can make part of the process. While they are doing simple works they are pushed to use their imagination and creativity and this is great! Hope you will have a fun with kids during this project.

Planters from Clothespins 2