DIY Candles

Useful objects for ages,candles have many different meanings and roles in humans´ lives: religious, mystic, historical, scientific… But it´s true that in most of places candles are also used as a decorative object that brings charm and cuddle even to the coldest places. After this post you will be able to do some creative and stylish candles to decorate your home and workplace transforming them in a warmer place.

To prepare your candles you will need:

A container;

Wicks (it must be longer than the container you will put the wax);

Wax adhesives;

Soy wax flakes;

How to do it:Use the wax adhesive to stick the metal disks of your wicks at the base of your candle container. Melt the wax flakes in water bath. Carefully pour the wax into your container holding the wick up right in the middle (you can tie them in a chopstick to make it easier to hold). Wait until the wax cool. You can use dye stuff or/and essences to give a nice color and smell to your candle.

Creative Containers For Your Candles

Cups: Do you know that old tea cups from your grandma that are stored in some hidden place? They can be an incredible container for your candles! These antique pieces match perfectly with candles since both of them are elegant and charming objects.

Candles in cup

Glasses:Glasses are a nice idea too. Choose one really different and stylish to put your candle in. If you are using transparent ones it´s nice to put some color in the candles, this will give it a great look.

Candles in Glasses

Food:Yes! The shells of foods are also creative containers for your candles. You can use oranges, lemons, apples, pumpkins, eggs… However, this option is good only if you´re going to use them soon since the shells will get an old appearance and a bad smell. You can decorate a special dinnertable or a party and impress everyone!

Candles in food

Sea Shells: The cutest ones, sea shells are a different and innovative place to put your candles. They give a natural and maritime look to the decoration of your room and it´s a perfect container as you can get some for free in a beach near you.

Candles in sea shells