PVC Pipe Ideas

If you think that PVC pipes were made only to be hidden inside the walls storing water you are wrong. You can make thousands of different projects using simple and cheap PVC pipes that you can find in any building supply store or even dropped in some corner of you home. We selected 8 new incredible uses for this ordinary material that most of us have at home but most of times don´t have a clue of what to do with them. Check them out!

Organize Hair Devices

If you are a woman you probably have some hair devices stored somewhere in your bathroom. You can use some PVC pipes to keep them safe and well organized preventing them to break or hurt someone. A “Y regular” piece is perfect to be placed on a shelf or you can use simple pipes nailed inside the cabinet to store your devices.

Repurposing PVC pipesat home 6

Desk Organizer

A creative idea to organize your desk or all the craft material from your kids is making a desk organizer using PVC pipes. Cut the pipes in different sizes (you can cute them straight or in the diagonal). Sand the edges to remove any splinter and make it unruffled and use permanent glue to fix the pipes together on a board (wood or plastic).

Repurposing PVC pipesat home 2

Wine Bottle Rack

Use some largePVC pipes glued together to store you wine bottles. You can use some thinner pipes to create a nice decoration between the large ones. Use permanent glue and don´t forget to sand the edges after cutting them.

Repurposing PVC pipesat home 1

Shoes Rack

Lots of shoes and not enough space to store them? How about creating a rack using PVC pipes? Use large pipes to place all of your pairs together and save you lots of time when you need one of them. You can use a rope or permanent glue to fix the pipes together. You can also pin them on a wall. More shoes you have, more pipes you will need!

Repurposing PVC pipesat home 3

Organize Your Garage

PVC pipes are perfect to organize places, especially garages! They can be used to store small objects or to keep big ones in their places creating a clean and tidy environment. Use some rings made with PVC pipes to hold garden tools, brooms and mopes or make an organizer with small pipes pined together on a piece of wood.

Repurposing PVC pipesat home 7


You can use PVC pipes as planters for your flowers, herbs and vegetables. Choose the best option for the space you have and plant your favorites in it. Long pipes are perfect to be used as vertical garden. Ring ones or “Y regular” pieces can be used instead of pots or vases.

Repurposing PVC pipesat home 8

Mirror Frames

Do you have an ordinary mirror at home and want to give a nice look to it? Use some PVC pipes cut in rings to make a frame to your mirror and give more style to your home. You can use pipes of different thickness and sizes. Decide the layout and cut the pipes, don’t forget to sand the edges. If you want a different color you can use some spray paint on them. Use permanent glue to fix the rings together and create the frame.

Repurposing PVC pipesat home 4

Wall Hooks

Use a PVC piece called “elbow” to make some hooks on your wall. Perfect to be placed in any place of your house, from the entrance hall to the toilet or kids room they are very useful to hang clothes, bags and other things. Use a big L pin to fix the hooks on the wall and spray paint to make them more charming.

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