Take Grass To Your House

Nowadays, green spaces are increasingly limited and rare. Nature is giving its place to big cities and humans seem too busy to enjoy a free time walk in a park or green area. Thinking on this, some design groups decided to minimize this reality putting in practice the famous quote: “If Mohammed will not go to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed!” and transforming gadgets and furniture into a piece of nature to decorate your home! They choose some objects from our daily life and covered them with real grass. The effect was at same time funny and amazing!

PicNYC Grass Table

One of the best example is this table named as “PicNYC grass table” created by HaikoCornelissenArchitecten. Made of aluminum and with a real grass surface, this innovative table will make you feel as if you are having picnic without going out home! Perfect for people who wants to enjoy the good side of things, you don’t need to worry with crumbs and spills on the surface anymore. However, watering the grass to be always lively and cutting it when it is too high aregood ideas!

PicNYC Grass Table

Besides this table you can find lots of other examples of furniture covered with grass. From chairs to mats these unique objects bring yousomething funny and unusual! It´s impossible don’t be curious about how does it feel to seat in a chair made of grass or don´t take off your shoes and feel the grass that is growing from a door mat.

Creative grass decorations

What about accessories made of grass to add a green touch to your look? On internet we have many options: earrings, necklaces, hats, shoes, rings, bracelets and even bags! Everything covered with a piece of real (or fake) grass to make your visual funnier and unique!

Accessories made of grass

Now, if you are a computer freak or if you don´t like leaving home to appreciate nature and its beauty, there is no problem! You can buy some of these interesting gadgets and bring nature close to you! Computers, keyboards, mouse pads, remote controls, lamps…. The options are vast and you can choose what fits best with your taste!

Take grass to your office