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Creative Decorations with buttons

Creative Button Ideas  Figure Ideas

DIY Buttons

We all have some in our life. (They can come in different sizes, shapes and colors ) and we mostly use them  in clothes like pants, shirt, skirts and others. The aim is same for all of them: Hold  the part of the clothes together.However, we have a question for you: Have you ever thought about decorating your home with buttons? Can you imagine yourself using buttons to decorate daily objects as picture frames and lamps or creating your own figures with them ?

In this DIY project we have some unusual and creative DIY ideas for  you to use buttons in so different and simple way that anybody can enjoy doing them at home. If you are interested in decoration with buttons, you are in the right place.Let’s have a look at these ideas.Also you can see other button ideas here

Decorating Home Objects

This is one of the most enjoyable idea for people who are looking for creative ways to change the look and color of old objects.The first thing you need to do is choosing the object you want to customize.It doesn´t need to be something difficult or big, look for simple ones like a jar in the kitchen, a lampshade in the bedroom or maybe a vase in the living room. After this you will need glue (hot glue or instant glue) and lots of buttons that you can choose in different sizes, shapes and colors.Be creative and choose nice ones to make your final work more attractive.Then, it is only glue them on your object and wait it dry a bit and It is ready !

Creative Button Ideas Decorating home objects

Creative Button Ideas Decorating home objects

  Figure Ideas

This is a nice idea to use your imagination and creativity. You only need  glue, buttons,pencil  and a surface as a canvas or a plate to put your project on practice. You also can use a piece of cloth or paper.After choose your base,  draw the figure you will cover with buttons on the surface.This part is the most enjoyable because you will use your imagination.

Creative Button Ideas  Figure Ideas (2)

You can draw anything  you want: animals, the flag of your country, a tree, hearts, flowers, cars….You can also trust on the imagination of your kids and let them draw for  you, they will really love it. Then supply the glue on your drawing and place the buttons.Wait for the glue get a bit dry and place the buttons. Enjoy your work with kids!

Creative Button Ideas  Figure Ideas

Making Letters

This idea is nice to decorate the door of kids room or give as a present for a baby who had just born.  To make a capital letter of a person´s name.You will need the same material from the previous idea.A flat surface, glue and buttons. Draw the letter on your base and supply the glue, after waiting for a while place the buttons . That’s all, easy and simple.

Creative Button Ideas Making Letters

Making Photo Frames

Actually you are not going to make a photo frame in this project. You will just see how to bring style to a frame which seems simple and boring. Chose a frame and before using it you must clean it from all the dirty to be sure the buttons will be well fixed, otherwise they will drop some days later.After  cleaning, supply the glue on the frame and after waiting for a while place your colorful buttons on it. Place your photo on the frame and you will see the difference!.

Creative Button Ideas Making Photo Frames


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